Set the Genie Free

Recently I was reading the book version of Disney’s Aladdinto my kids.  If you don’t remember it, it’s the one where Robbin Williams is the Genie and he partners with “Al” to rescue princess Jasmine and the Sultan from the evil wiles of the counselor Jafar. As I was reading it, something really jumped out to me.  The way genies work in the story is that if you rub their lamp, the genie becomes your … Read More

Facing Our Fears With Courage

The high dive is no joke. I remember watching people jump off that thing as a kid and thinking they were crazy and awesome.  I really wanted to try it.  Finally, one year I stirred myself up and climbed that long ladder. I can still remember slowly making my way the end. The board was rough beneath my feet, and I could smell the chlorine wafting up from way down below.  Up there, the wind whips … Read More

What’s Causing the Storms in our Lives?

The other day I was listening to someone teach about the time Jesus’s disciples almost drowned in the boat as they crossed the sea of Galilee.  It’s always intense to imagine 12 guys, many of whom were experienced sailors, panicking because of a storm.  It must have been pretty serious! The teacher went on to make the point that the disciples were in that storm as a direct result of following Jesus.  He had ordered … Read More

Not Missing What Matters Most

Last year I went to a conference in Pennsylvania to be refreshed and encouraged.  It was put on by Global Awakening ( which is Randy Clark’s ministry.  While I was there, I had the opportunity to attend a partner’s luncheon where Randy answering questions. If you don’t know Randy’s story, it’s a powerful one.  I can’t tell it all here, but he was part of the Vineyard movement under John Wimber. Wimber heard the audible … Read More