Thanksgiving and the Good Samaritan

Last night I was having my weekly class on the Gospels.  My professor taught about the Good Samaritan and told a story of a time he was hanging out with Heidi Baker in Mozambique.   Heidi dropped him off at a particular spot to pray and then went to do some errands.  While he was there praying, a boy came up and tried to sell him a coconut.  He was somewhat annoyed and, after many denials, finally got the … Read More

2020, High School, and Awe

Remember high school?  It’s this strange world all its own.  When you’re on the inside, it’s all that seems to exist.  The events have staggering implications. We have to know who’s dating who, whether or not that person likes us, and our decisions are often driven by the need for acceptance.  We talk about graduating and going out to the “real world” but when you’re in high school, that itself feels like the real world.  The people that do graduate … Read More