Running After Jesus.


About Charis

We are a church in Shawnee, Kansas, started by a passionate group of believers who want to see local residents go through life transformation. We believe this is possible through the community, teaching, and healing that a united group of believers can achieve.

You will quickly see upon visiting that our Pastor, Max Cornell, is a genuine and loving man who wants to see every visitor and member come to know Jesus on a deeper level. We are not a church to just attend and check off on your list for the day. Our roots run much deeper than that.

We want to see every facet of you come into alignment with the love of your God. After all, He died for you to know Him intimately. And if there is one thing we can share with you as you read this (even if you never come visit) - your heavenly Father is a good Dad who doesn't cause all the bad things to happen in your life in order to teach you lessons. He is a loving and merciful Father who is full of compassion and peace. He wants good for you all the days of your life. He loved you so much that He came and died for you, and now all He wants in return is your heart.

From the stage, you'll hear a very similar message every Sunday. We want to drive home the point that God loves you more than you'll ever know or can imagine. We believe that through the understanding of your own identity, you'll live more righteously out of sheer desire than you ever could have out of obligation. The love of a Father so deep is what transforms a life.

What We Believe

Our theology and doctrine runs very deep, but we believe the Gospel is simple. Many try to overcomplicate a simple truth, which causes confusion and chaos to enter the body of Christ.

We preach and teach straight out of the Word of God, but we do so through the lens of helping you understand how it's applicable to you as an individual. After all, what is the point of learning something if you cannot apply it to a certain area of your life?

So much of growing a relationship with the Lord comes through understanding what He thinks and says about you. If you believe He is a distant God who sits up in Heaven with a checklist, you will miss out on the incredible love that He actually has toward you. And in many cases, you'll even miss out on the plan He has for your life.

Many times, messages and teachings can be extremely vague and hard to understand. You won't find that here. Sure, there are times that we have to unpack a hard Word of scripture, and it may take a minute to work through, but we will still help you understand what it means for you and why it matters.

One of the great things about Charis Church is that you can always ask questions too. Maybe you didn't understand the sermon... Shoot us a message and we'll help!

As for the specifics of what we believe, you can see more of that on our beliefs page, read a teaching from Pastor Max, or listen to a past sermon.