A Psalm of the Kingdom

I really only have 2 ambitions any more. One is a personal ambition related to my relationship with God. I want to know Him. I want to know what He’s thinking, what He’s feeling, how He sees things. I want to see and interact with the beauty of His heart. That’s my primary calling, but as we’ll see tonight it … Read More

A Kingdom of Wholeness

In God’s Kingdom, the citizens of the Kingdom are complete individuals that are lacking in no area of their life. He wants us to be whole, spirit, soul and body. Wholeness begins in the spirit and moves outward. Today I want to talk about being made whole in the part of your soul that contains your identity and sense of … Read More

God is Not Mad At You

In heaven, everyone is totally convinced of the fact that God loves them. I would say it’s a defining characteristic of what heaven looks like. There is no question in anyone’s heart about how God feels about them. From the beginning there’s been an argument between God and the devil about whether or not God loves us. God sent Jesus … Read More