Culture of Miracles 5: Speaking in Tongues

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Speaking in tongues is one of the ways the Holy Spirit manifests Himself. The church speaks a different language than the rest of the world. In doing so, we represent the culture of heaven and invite the world to repentance.

Culture of Miracles 4: The Trinity

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The central mystery in Christianity is the Trinity. It’s intentionally a paradox because we aren’t meant to understand it. Rather, we’re meant to humble ourselves and enjoy the beauty and wonder the proceeds from mystery. As we embrace the mystery of things like God and love, the smaller riddles of life are untangled.

Culture of Miracles 3: Why isn’t everyone healed?

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There are many possible hindrances to healing. As we pursue breakthrough, we have to be careful not to turn principles into laws. Pursuit of God is not the pursuit of a formula, or even an answer, rather it’s the pursuit of a loving relationship with a person.

Culture of Miracles 2: Now and Not Yet

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There is tension in the Kingdom between what we’re believing for and what we’re currently experiencing. The Kingdom is now and not yet. Learning to manage our emotions in this place of tension is what maturity is about.

Cultural Reformation

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Christians are meant to positively influence culture. As we learn to live boldly and authentically for Christ, people will be drawn to us.