Pastor Brian Clark

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Special Guest Brian Clark from Grace Life Church shares about experiencing God in 3D. We must stop reading the Bible like it’s a movie and instead see ourselves participating in the story. When we experience the God who does the impossible, not only are we changed, but we bring breakthrough into the lives of those around us.

Greg Mohr: Get Out of Groundhog Day

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Special Guest Greg Mohr. God has a good plan for our lives, but sometimes we get stuck in our past hurts and disappointments. Learning to let go and and trust the goodness of God helps us get out of the ditch and move forward in life! Listen to Just the Audio  

Special Guest Marcus Wick: Stewarding the Prophetic

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Guest speaker Marcus Wick helps us understand prophesy. What should we do with the prophetic words we’ve received? How do we cooperate with God to see them come to faith? Learn the difference between a word of faith and a work of faith, and what prophetic words do for us. Listen to Just the Audio