Immersion 5: Words of Knowledge and Healing

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The Holy Spirit loves to manifest through us in different ways. One of the most powerful ways is through words of knowledge, which can often lead to healing and other breakthroughs. A word of knowledge is just when God tells us something about a situation that we couldn’t know in the natural. They’re actually easy to receive. Listen as we explain how! Download this Message Download the Notes

Immersion 4: Balancing Wanting More With Having All

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At the start of this message, several people testify to what God has done recently in their lives. It’s really encouraging! Then we talk about how the move God is sustained by balancing grace (what God does), with faith (what we do). Everything in the Kingdom is paid for, but we’re still responsible for reaching out and receiving everything He’s purchased. Download this Message Download the Notes

Immersion 3: The Reality of Ecstatic Experiences

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When people in the Bible went into a trance or “fell out” in the Spirit, the Greek word used to describe it is “ekstasis.” We get out words “ecstasy” and “ecstatic”from that word. It basically means to stand outside of oneself (usually because of some overwhelming stimuli). When we encounter God, we are often overcome by His power and glory, and various manifestations occur. We discuss this and invite people to experience the power of … Read More

Immersion 2: The Challenge of New Experiences

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God is calling us into a lifestyle of ongoing experiences with Him. This means He’s always wanting to do something new. The problem is, we tend to be skeptical of and afraid of new things. Often new moves of God are regarded as heretical by people who experienced the previous move. How do we navigate this so as to avoid error but still experience all that God has for us? Download this Message Download the … Read More

Immersion 1: There is More

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What is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit? Does it occur at conversion or later? We argue that the 2nd question isn’t nearly as important as we’ve made it out to be, because being immersed in God is meant to be an ongoing and lifelong experience, not just a one time event. There is always more to experience in God! Download this Message Download the Notes