What is The Gospel? – Part 4

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Did you know that the end of division and bigotry (whether by race, class, or gender) was purchased on the cross? Just like your sins were forgiven, Jesus broke down the walls that divide us. Where sin divides, Jesus brings unity. This is a challenging and timely message. Read “What is the Gospel”

What is The Gospel? – Part 3

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Hebrews explains to us that unlike the Old Testament sacrifices that had to be offered year after year, Jesus sacrifice paid for all sin for all time. Understood properly, this frees us to live in unbroken fellowship with our heavenly Father–even when we blow it! Read “What is the Gospel”

What is The Gospel? – Part 2

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In Christ, our sin nature has been killed and we’ve been remade in the image of our Father. In your spirit, you are just a righteous, holy, and pure as Jesus is. As He is, so are we in this world. (1 John 4:17). Read “What is the Gospel”

What is The Gospel? – Part 1

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The word “Gospel” is a churchy term that has lost a lot of it’s meaning. Any teaching from the Bible is not the Gospel. The Gospel is the incredibly good news that our right standing with God isn’t based on our performance, but rather our faith in what Jesus did for us! Read “What is the Gospel”