A Psalm of the Kingdom

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I really only have 2 ambitions any more. One is a personal ambition related to my relationship with God. I want to know Him. I want to know what He’s thinking, what He’s feeling, how He sees things. I want to see and interact with the beauty of His heart. That’s my primary calling, but as we’ll see tonight it blends in with and catalyzes my secondary calling. Outside of my personal desire to know God, the thing I dream most about is seeing the Kingdom of Heaven come to this earth.

Psalm 84 is a psalm about the Kingdom. It’s about how personal desire for God leads to corporate breakthrough. It provides us with a pattern about how to see heaven come to earth.

When I say I want to see heaven come to earth. I mean more than people operating in the gifts of the spirit. I mean that, but I mean more than that. The Kingdom of God includes          healing, but is not limited to healing. It includes prosperity, but is not limited to prosperity. It               includes emotional wholeness but is not limited to emotional wholeness. I mean I want to bring                    the wisdom, power, and love of God to bear on the seven mountains of society. I want every     part of our lives to be influenced by the culture of heaven.

Wholeness is actually a means to an end. Many times we’re so focused on our needs (emotional, physical, financial) or the needs of others, we don’t realize there is actually a much grander purpose in play. God’s endgame is heaven on earth. Beating the devil is only half the game, the other half is learning what Jesus wants create, and intentionally partnering with him to see it accomplished.

Read Wigglesworth story. Psalm 84:1 The places where God lives are lovely. The lives of saints who have gone before us should create hunger in our hearts for the God they served. I want to live my life in such a way that it creates yearning in the people around me for the God who lives inside me.

How does heaven come to earth? It starts with hunger. You have to want it. Many Christians don’t even have that as a goal. Hunger will cause you do the things that are necessary to get yourself into a place where you can partner with God. It’s not about earning things. I’m not talking about legalism. What I’m saying is there are lots of things in the Kingdom that aren’t automatic. They require us to act in faith. Faith requires we act. We can’t see the sick healed unless we make a decision to pray for them.

Our hearts and our flesh cry out. This is the twofold ambition:

To know God in our heart, to fellowship with him intimately

For that intimacy to pour out into the physical realm. I don’t need to feel something to know God is with me. I don’t need to feel healed to know I’m healed. However, the                                                 goal should be to see the manifestation. I long to see God’s Kingdom manifest                                                                      physically, as much as possible. I’m aware that it’s an internal Kingdom at the moment,                                               but it breaks out into this world quite often, and I believe it will even more often.

III. The sparrow and the swallow are living and giving birth on the altar of God in the Presence of God. God allows His most insignificant creations to live lives continually aware of His Presence, and they actually give birth on His altar. This is tremendous concept.

The altar is the place of sacrifice, where the presence of God breaks out and consumes the sacrifice. What is this saying? Genesis 30—what you are seeing, your environment, affects what you conceive and give birth too. The Presence of God, in the place of sacrifice, is the place where dreams are meant to be conceived and birthed.

How does the Kingdom Come? What did Jesus come to reveal?—the Father. What does the Kingdom look like? A family. A good Father’s goal is to win his children’s heart. The goal is not          to get them to obey. Obedience is good, but servants can obey. A father wants something       more, he wants to captivate his children’s hearts. God spoke to me, “I will win your heart.”

Why does he want your heart? Because if he gets it he’ll get your obedience right? Nope, that makes obedience the end game again. He wants your heart, because once                                       he has it, you can dream together. Servants build their masters kingdom through                                             obedience. Sons build it through participating in the dreams of their father.

How does the Kingdom Come? I encounter God in some way, and it makes me long for more. As He captivates my heart and demonstrates His love, my desire become His, my dreams                become His, not as a dictatorship, but as a partnership.   Song 7:10-13

The dreams I have are conceived out of fellowship with him, and then I give birth to them on the altar. The place where God asks you to sacrifice, is also the place where                                                returns more than you could imagine. Abraham “sacrificed” Isaac, and reaped millions                                                       of sons.

Birth is messy. God doesn’t mind it happening in His presence. He’s not afraid of problems or failure.

God’s Kingdom is coming to this earth through the sanctified dreams of His children. David dreamed of building the temple. You can’t find where God told David to build it, but you can find that it was in God’s heart before it was in David’s. What happened? David hung out with God so much He picked up on a dream in God’s heart without being told. How awesome it that.

Blessed is the man whose heart is set on a journey deeper and deeper into God’s presence. This brings the concept full circle. How does the kingdom come? I become hungry for God, my hungry drives me to reorder my life so that I can experience him. As I experience him, it changes my dreams and desires, and then I give birth to his dreams here on the earth. While all that is happening however, I have to be careful not to lose sight of my primary goal, which is relationship with God. My heart has to be set on this journey.

It’s a process, we never fully arrive. I see it like I’m in heaven on the sea of glass and there’s wave after wave of glory and love pouring from the throne of God. It’s so intense, and I take              one step forward and it’s overwhelming and then I take another. For all eternity experiencing                him deeper and deeper.

As we’re on this journey, we move from strength to strength, and when we pass through dry broken areas, the rain of the Spirit fills the pools. My personal quest to know God has the side     affect of blessing and restoring life to everything around me.

The restoration of brokenness is actually a side quest along the way. Everything Jesus did on the earth, he did on the way to the cross. If we aren’t careful, we can begin to see all the need                 around us and be driven by our desire to meet that need, rather than the fulfillment of the      internal vision God has given us.

Matthew 13: The Kingdom is like a mustard seed.

It starts small and insignificant. A small dream in the heart of one of God’s people. It grows into something so large that it provides shelter and blessing even to people not part of the Kingdom.

Thesis: The Kingdom of God is released into the earth as God’s children desire intimacy with him, which results in the conception of God-dreams, which when they are realized, bring the wisdom, power, and love of heaven to earth.

I have two ambitions: to know God and to bring heaven to earth. One leads to the other


Heaven on earth means the culture of heaven, on earth, it means bringing the wisdom power and love of God to bear on the 7 mountains of society.

It’s more than healing or wholeness. Those are means to an end. I need to get whole so that I can participate in this grand plan that God has for me and the earth.

Psalm 84 is a psalm of the Kingdom, it gives insight into how the Kingdom actually comes.


Read Wigglesworth story. Psalm 84:1 The lives of saints who have gone before us should create desire in our hearts for God.

Heaven on earth begins with hunger. Hunger for God and hunger for his Kingdom. Hunger will prepare you to take the steps of faith necessary to grow in your relationship with God

Our heart and flesh cry out: 2 fold ambition. Know God from the heart—experience him in this world.

The sparrow and the swallow live in the presence of God and give birth on the altar.

Genesis 30-your environment (what you’re beholding) affects what you conceive and give birth to.

The presence of God, in the place of sacrifice, is the place where dreams are meant to be conceived and birthed

As we spend time with God, it changes our desires. We sacrifice our selfish ones, and new ones are conceived.

How does the Kingdom Come? The Kingdom is a family. A father wants the heart of his children, not their obedience. We think, “if he can get your heart, he’ll get you obedience.” That’s true, but it’s not his endgame. If he can get your heart, then you can dream together.

Servants build through obeying his commands; Sons build their father’s Kingdom by participating in his dreams.

Birth is messy. God’s okay with that happening in His presence

A great picture of this is Song 7:10-13. Mature love sounds like: “Let’s go do the ministry together!”

God’s Kingdom is coming to this earth through the sanctified dreams of his children. David example.

How does the Kingdom Come? I begin to desire God. I develop relationship with him which affects my dreams. I give birth to those dreams in partnership with God. While that’s happening, I have to make sure to stay focused on the relationship. Our heart is set on the pilgrimage.

Over time, you become familiar with the highways that lead to God’s presence. You can point others down those highways.

It’s a process and we never fully arrive. Sea of Glass example.

As we continue on the journey to know God, a byproduct is we release redemption to everything around us.

Matthew 13:31

The Kingdom always starts small and insignificant. You may feel small, your dreams may feel small. You may think, I just want my kids to know Jesus.

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