God is Not Mad At You

In heaven, everyone is totally convinced of the fact that God loves them. I would say it’s a defining characteristic of what heaven looks like. There is no question in anyone’s heart about how God feels about them.

From the beginning there’s been an argument between God and the devil about whether or not God loves us.

God sent Jesus down here to make the closing argument about how God feels about us. Rom 5:8

My hope over the next few weeks is to erase any doubt you may have about the fact that God loves you and is for you.

One of the primary things that keeps people away from God and causes them to question Him is the idea that God is angry.

Jonathon Edwards wrote this sermon years ago, “Sinners in the hands of an angry God.”

Many people believe that God is the great critic in the sky, that He’s pointing out all your mistakes and bringing judgement into your life when you blow it.

III. The truth is that God isn’t mad at you because he’s not holding you sins against you anymore. 2 Cor 5:19-20

Your sins aren’t being charged to your account. They were charged to Jesus account.

You still have to say yes and enter this new contract this new agreement.

Why isn’t God holding our sin against us? Because He put all of our sin on Jesus. vs 21 and he now offers us a chance to be right with him.

Now someone might say, “Well what about all those people in the Old Testament that God judged, why is it different for us.” The answer is they had a different contract. Under the law, God did hold man’s sin against him, that’s why we see all this judgement. Rom 5:13

Under the law, there was this contract between God and man that was based on man’s performance. You did well and you were blessed, you did poorly and you were cursed. Deut 28

In Jesus, God made a new contract with man. In this contract he promised not to remember our sins and not to even be angry with us. Heb 8:6-12 Isaiah 54:9-10

That doesn’t meant there aren’t still consequences to sin, but it means that God is for you and wants to help you no matter what.

It means He’s not disgusted with you when you blow it and it means he’s not going to get fed up and leave if you mess up too many times.

He’s made a covenant with you, and if you’ll say yes to it you never have to worry about the wrath of God again.

That’s the theology, but what matters probably more than that is the heart. God is a good father. He’s not angry. Luke 15:11-24

Every day that father would go out and wait for his son, “Maybe today is the day when my son will come home”

We think God is worrying about all things we’ve done wrong. He’s not thinking about that at all. All He’s thinking is, maybe today is the day when my son or daughter will come home.

Jesus came down here to rescue his kids

God in His radical love, destroyed every barrier that separates the two of you.

There is now only one thing that can keep you from you Father, what you choose to do.

He just says, “come home.”

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