God of Delight

God is a God of pleasure. Ps 36:8. This is an intense theological concept.

God experiences pleasure—He delights in loving and being loved

God wants us to experience pleasure

The Bible teaches that we were created for God’s pleasure. Rev 4:11

We exist for God to enjoy us, and for us to enjoy God. In eternity past God existed transcendent mutual delight and affection. The Godhead coexisted in this realm of unending beauty and enjoyment.

Transcendent mutual delight and affection is actually the end goal of creation. God’s divine plan from the very beginning has been to bring forth people that would voluntarily love Him, and that would accept His love. He wants us in the center of this experience He has. Satan failed at this.

If you ask God, what’s the end game here, what’s the point of all this, it’s simple really, that He could love you and you could love him.  God wants us to succeed where the devil failed. The joy that we experience as a result of loving and being loved is what the Bible calls pleasure.

III. God wants us to experience pleasure (I’m not talking about some carnal counterfeit; Hedonism is wrong, but so is asceticism. Hedonism tries to draw pleasure from this world. Christianity draws pleasure from God). He wants us to take delight in life. How? Being loved feels good and loving feels good. Both are essential

1 John 4:19 helps us stay on track. The first goal of the Christian life is to experience the pleasure of being loved. God wants you to experience the joy of being loved. It’s what you were created for. It’s what your heart longs for and God wants to fill it. (I guess my Dad loved me ex.)

God radically loves you. This is more than a theological concept. It is a passionate reality. The burning heart of God is something that is meant to be encountered.

I want my son to experience the pleasure and delight that I take in Him. I want him to feel the weight of my affection. I want to continually drive from our relationship every fear.

God will love you according to your love language so that you can enjoy His love.

Acts of service, John 15:13; John 13 (He’ll serve you into your destiny)

Touch, Mt 8:1-3 (God will allow you to feel His presence)

Words of affirmation, John 15:15 (God will praise you)

Quality time, Luke 24:13-24 (God will listen to you, He’s interested in you)

Gifts, Eph 4:8,11 (If there are people that are good people in your life, they are gifts from God).

God enjoys being loved by you. It matters to Him and really moves His heart. Hebrews 12:2 Eph 1:18

God loves you, He takes pleasure in you, He likes being with you. Song 7:6-10

Filled desire is the tree of life. Prv 13:12 You saying yes is what God has dreamed about since before creation.

When the Bible says to drink from the river of His pleasure, it’s first of all talking about experiencing the joy of being loved. It’s okay to say, “Daddy I just need you to come here and love on me a bit.” You were created to be the beloved. It’s awesome.

Growing in experiencing the love of God:

Pray Eph 3:16-21

Ask God questions. Ask, what do you think of me? How do you feel about me? What do you like about me?

Pray in tongues expecting to connect with the love of God.

Learn to soak/practice hearing His voice

Discern the small circumstances in life that are God displaying His affection and begin to be appreciative of them

Mediate on moments in scripture that display the love of God, particularly the cross. Ask for revelation. Ask God what He’s feeling when He does this things. John 20

Love letter:

My beloved sons and daughters. I’m writing now to connect you with your future. You weren’t created for this moment alone. This moment is important, but you were created for a million moments a million years into a future that I’ve created and built for you one word, one dream at a time.

Beloved, I’ve been building it for you. All the longings of your heart; I’ve seen, I’ve participated in. I’ve planted and cultivated them and I will draw them to a great climax of supreme beauty and bliss. Even right now my thoughts and my words are creating your future. Can you hear them? Can you see me working on your behalf? Can you open your eyes to the wonder of my affection?

What do you dream about? I want to give it to you. I want to because I love you, because I take great pleasure in loving you. I want to give you things now, and I want to prepare you for things in your future. Beloved, it will be hard for you to understand now, but things you learn and experience now will pay dividends for all eternity. There are truths that are hidden for you that you will discover gradually over the millennia ahead of you.

I want you to touch eternity. I created time so that you could progressively understand my love. I needed eternity because I have and infinite amount of love to give you. I do not grow tired of loving you. I don’t weary of it. In fact, in those times when you believe my love has waned, it was then that I loved you all the more fervently. My love rages against you fears. It rages against your failures. It cannot be quenched; it is indomitable.

You have been challenged at times to believe that I really love you, to believe that all my desire is towards you. I enjoy challenges. I enjoy the challenge of breaking down your defenses and proving again and again how I feel. I enjoy the challenge of winning your heart. And make no mistake; I will win it. I am confident in myself and I am confident in you. I have placed great strength on the inside of you beloved. I have created you as a son and a daughter to receive my love. I believe in you.

I believe you can and will let go of your sin consciousness. I believe you can and will let go of your past and the people that have hurt you. I believe you can and will let go of the lies you’ve been told about me.

Beloved, I am coming after you. You have seen the things I’ve done for others, for past generations and have been impressed. I say to you that my heart burns no less for you. My heart burns for this generation, for your generation. My heart burns and I will not restrain it. I will indulge myself in my affection for you. I will not withhold, but will delight myself by showering my affection on you.

Whatever you fear beloved, know this: it is inconsequential in the light of eternity. We are connected, you and I. I’ve waited for you to be here. I’ve waited for this moment, and a thousand like it. I’ve waited here, right now, in this moment for you. I’ve waited for one reason, and it’s the reason I wait in your future that I’ve already seen and already created. I’m here beloved, to tell you that I love you.

I’m here to connect you with you true identity. You are my son, you are my daughter. I love you. I cannot and will not let you go. I have the scars that prove my love. I will show you now, and over and over again, across millennia, transcending time and space, transcending your questions and intellectual comprehension. I will show you my love and you will feel the weight of it. I will let you experience my pleasure—the pleasure and delight that I have in you. For I am your father and I am very pleased with you.

God of Delight Part II

God doesn’t just love you, He delights in loving you. He enjoys it. He enjoys moving towards you when we hurt Him. He enjoys overcoming the obstacles that separate your hearts.

Why did Jesus come? To win back His children. It’s the heart of a father, lovesick for His lost kids.

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