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Finding a church can be hard...


We get it. That's why we want to make it as easy as possible and help you feel at ease.

but first... let us start by introducing ourselves


Finding a church is hard...

We get it. You're looking for a church that matches your beliefs, style, and is a place where you can feel at home. Well, we know how it goes. That's why we're going to try to make this as easy for you as possible. In fact, to show you how easy we want to make it,
we are going to cover part of your lunch when you visit.

but first... let us start by introducing ourselves

A Passionate Group of Believers

We are a church in Shawnee, KS, full of passionate believers who love Jesus with our whole hearts. We believe Jesus died not just for us to go to heaven, but to place His kingdom inside of us here on earth. You'll find that we are an extremely welcoming and loving group of people who want to see everyone around us grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Okay, so now you know a little about us. Now, let's answer some other questions you may have.

What Will You Hear Taught?


We believe in the goodness, love, and mercy of our creator God, who sent His son to die for the sins of the world. And we of course believe in His grace – after all, that’s what ‘Charis’ means in Greek!

Therefore, the message you’ll hear taught is one of tremendous encouragement and love. It’s rooted in Biblical instruction. We do not teach opinion, rather, we teach what the Bible says about you as an individual, not abstract thought that’s hard to apply.

We want you to know who you are in Christ, how valuable you are to God, and how to fulfill your Divine destiny. We try to teach “How to” messages instead of “Got to” messages.

Though our sermons are usually topical in nature, everything we preach comes directly from the Bible, and is cited within each message.

Pastor Max usually writes an outline that you can use to follow along with the message.

Want to know more about what we believe?

What We Believe

What is Worship Like?


The musical worship style is contemporary, casual, and will last about 25 minutes. You can raise your hands, stand, sit, kneel, pray, etc... Our worship is very open for you to worship Jesus in the way you feel most comfortable.

We will never force you to worship a certain way. This is between you and God, and we will not step in the way of that. Most of our members stand during worship, and sing along with songs they know.

We usually play music that is easy to learn, if you're not already familiar. Much of what we play is what you'll hear on a christian radio station, worship playlist on Spotify or iTunes, or out of a hymn book (though we still use guitars, drums, and other instruments).

Most of all, we want you to have a safe place to worship God and to facilitate that the best way we can.

We believe that the more we come to know the goodness and love of God, the more we want to worship!

When I visit, what should I expect?

Awesome fellowship. Free coffee. Great message.

But that's just the gist of it.

You can always slip in and out if you'd like, but if we may, we'll simply ask that you at least introduce yourself to Pastor Max, the leadership team, or one of our volunteers. We'll be able to direct you to exactly what you're looking for!

When you arrive, if before 10:00am, you'll get a chance to grab some free coffee and hangout. The hangout is not mandatory if you just want the coffee :). We get that it can be awkward to try to "hang out" with people you don't know quite yet.

From there, we will start the service with worship, followed by a short offering message and an opportunity to give. There is never any pressure to give, and if you're a guest, we would actually ask that you don't give unless you feel led. We don't want you to ever feel like we only want you for your money!

After the offering message, Pastor Max will teach a grace based, clear, and biblical message with real life application. Following the message Pastor Max will extend an invitation to anyone that desires to receive prayer. Following the service there is more opportunity to fellowship. If you enjoy the service and would like to get more involved with the church, we have more information for you.

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Children's Ministry

Teaching Children About Jesus in Ways They Can Understand

We offer children's ministry during the service for all kids up to 6th grade. Our awesome team of leaders is led by Neil and Sarah Grindel, who serve as our Children's pastors. You can read more about them here.

Becky Cornell is our Nursery Pastor, who has a master’s degree in elementary education and has spent the past 12 years teaching in the public school system. She has a heart for seeing children come to know Jesus as their savior, and has been impacting children's lives for as long as any of us can remember :).


Read about what we believe

Our Pastors

See the heart behind our pastors.


Sean OlesonSean Oleson
16:58 08 Feb 23
Love these people! Love this church!
Lynne ValleLynne Valle
20:37 04 Feb 23
I love Charis Church! The leader are very anointed and the worship music is awesome! The members are friendly too. I always leave feeling uplifted.
Jesse StinsonJesse Stinson
02:54 01 Feb 23
I highly suggest checking out Charis Church - hear God's Word and see the impact on your life!
Sid LoveSid Love
15:49 27 Jan 23
Great Grace and Faith, Holy Spirit empowered church !Biblical teaching and preaching about " Who we are in Christ " and the finished work of Jesus on the cross.Very talented and uplifting contemporary praise and worship team.Very active children's and youth ministries.
Cynthia HickersonCynthia Hickerson
04:46 27 Jan 23
I have been at Charis since the beginning. I have grown and learned so much while attending. The church is one of the most loving churches I’ve ever been part of. The praise and worship draws you into so readily preparing you for the Word Pastor Max brings. My personal relationship with Jesus has been strengthen and I am grateful to be part of this congregation.
Karin MorfordKarin Morford
23:55 26 Jan 23
The first day I walked into Charis Church I was greeted by so many smiles & love. Pastor Max gives a great lesson and makes his sermon interesting. The worship team is amazing!! ..And we get Pizza Sundays! 🥳
Becky CornellBecky Cornell
23:48 26 Jan 23
Charis Church is a very friendly, family oriented church! Pastors Max and Molly are anointed teachers and have amazing revelation of God’s word.
Diana RossDiana Ross
22:38 18 May 17
We have been attending Charis Kingdom Church since the end of February. Every Sunday we come away healed! Physically and our hearts also! Friendly, warm church that we have no problems calling home! Our sister and her grandchildren also attend with us and they love it! The kids learn! They are not just "babysat"! Learning about the Holy Spirit, Words of much more! Pastor Max and Molly and the entire Leadership team are full of the love of Jesus! Worship is awesome! Come and see for yourself!

Past Messages

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Read about what we believe

Our Pastors

See the heart behind our pastors.

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