Babies - Kindergarten

Kingdom Kruizers seeks to help children hear God’s voice and experience Him in a personal way. We have a great team of experienced volunteers who understand the importance of nurturing and loving God’s littlest ones!

"Here at Kingdom Kruizers we are passionate about teaching little ones to hear God’s voice and experience His goodness. We are excited you are here! God is so in love with all of us, and we are honored to get to partner with you in sharing that love and all of God’s truth with your child. He has beautiful things in store!" -Pastor Becky Cornell

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will care for my child while I am in a worship service?

 That is an important question! We have wonderful volunteers who have lots of experience caring for babies and understand the importance of nurturing and loving God’s littlest ones! Our Kingdom Kruizers Pastor, Becky Cornell, is a retired Kindergarten teacher, mother of 2, and grandmother of 6.

Is there a screening process/background check for your volunteers and staff?

Yes. We are dedicated to providing safe environments for kids with loving, caring adults. Each of our volunteers and staff complete an application and are required to pass a background check.

How do I check my child in?

You will begin by filling out an information sheet at our church Info Center that tells us about your child. You and your child will be given a sticker name tag with a number that is specific to you. One number will be assigned per family. Please keep your name tag sticker handy for pick up. Your child’s sticker will be placed on their shirt. You can also preregister your child through Plan Your Visit here. (link)

How do I pick up my child from Kingdom Kruizers?

Keeping children safe is our top priority! When you pick up your child you must present your sticker name tag/number to the person at the desk. That person will then bring your child to you. The number you gave and the child’s number must match. No one will be allowed to take your child from children’s church without that number. We will not allow any person under the age of 18 to pick up a child. That includes older siblings under 18.

If I need to nurse my baby or am not ready to bring my child into Kingdom Kruizers is there a place to keep them with me?

Children are always welcome in the main service. There is also a Mom and Baby room at the back of the auditorium.

What will my child do while I am in a worship service?

Babies from birth to toddler age will be loved, nurtured, sung to, played with, cared for, rocked, fed a snack, and held. Our volunteers will also speak God’s word over your child and pray for them! Children from toddler through Kindergarten will play, eat a simple snack, hear a lesson, sing, play games, encounter Daddy God, pray, and speak God’s word over each other.

Are snacks available for my child?

Yes. A simple snack and water will be provided during church. If your child has a food allergy please indicate that on the sign in sheet. You may want to provide a safe snack for your child.

What should I know if my child is being potty trained?

If your child is being potty trained, it is best to put them in a pull up during church until they are successfully able to toilet themesleves. Our staff will not go into a bathroom with a child to help them with toileting. You are welcome to take your child to the bathroom before service, and you may make arrangements to come into the room midway through service to help your child use the bathroom.

What do I bring?

  • If your baby/child is still in a diaper please drop off one diaper with the child’s name on the front.
  • If your baby is not eating solid food, you can bring a pouch or appropriate snack.
  • You may also drop off a diaper bag marked with your child’s name.
  • Our volunteers will not mix formula or heat bottles. Bottles prepared in advance that can be given at room temperature are allowed.