Relationship with God 1: Grace-Based

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The only way to find consistency in our walk with God is to base our relationship with Him entirely on the finished work of Jesus.

Revival History 5: Trinitarian Theology and the Necessity of Paradox

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We use our brains to think as an act of worship and consider the doctrine of the Trinity in the context of the early Pentecostal Movement!

The Kingdom of Joy and Peace

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The world may continue to have the year of angst, but in Christ, we can be at rest and enjoy life. Philippians 4:6-9

Revival History 3: Azusa and Pentecostalism

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The last 120 years we’ve seen the greatest move of God in human history! Let’s study what God has done and partner with the next great move!

Relationships and Revival

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Revival is here and we have a role to play in it. In 2020 there was an attack on relationships based on fear. Satan wants to isolate us. Just Listen to The Audio