Our Mission and Values


Why We Exist:

To release the reality of heaven on earth by sharing the Gospel, doing the works of Jesus, serving people, and loving our enemies.


Why We Exist:

To release the reality of the Kingdom of God into the earth, by bringing the wisdom, power, and love of God into the 7 facets of society, so that we afford every person an opportunity to experience the Living God.

Our Core Values

The Presence of God

Intimacy with God is our highest priority and greatest privilege. To be aware of His Presence and hear His voice is our ultimate mission. We seek to be a body of people saturated with the manifest presence of God.


God has called us to prepare His bride to love Jesus the way the God loves Jesus. We worship because He is worthy and because worship transforms people and cities.


God has called every believer to live a supernatural life. We strive to create a culture wherein the impossible becomes normal.


We seek to be a people whose relationships are built on covenants, who see the gold on the inside of people and identify them after who they are in Christ.


The grace of God is what saves us and empowers us to live the Christian life. Everything we receive from God is the result of faith in His grace. We also value the various graces that God has placed on individualu2019s lives and seek to receive from that grace through honor.


God has made available to us supernatural wisdom for the purpose of serving our community and the world at large. Solomonu2019s extreme wisdom was demonstrated through the excellence of everything in his kingdom. This excellence and wisdom attracted the gentile Kings.


Love serves. God has given us a comprehensive outreach strategy. Go into every facet of society and serve with a genuine heart of love.


In God’s presence there is fullness of joy. Joy is a weapon of great violence against the power of the enemy. It is the natural state of the believer and the prize that Jesus died for.