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"F R E E D O M ! In one word, that would be it. Don and I started attending this church about 6 months ago. Each week I am amazed at how many layers of truth are revealed in the short time we are together.

Being a 65 y.o. female, and learning, hearing, studying the Bible for over 50 years, much of it taught by men; I had many conversations with God about the confusing scriptures I had seen about women in the WORD. Just when I thought I understood my place in the Kingdom, I would eventually hear another teaching and question once again, my understanding of God's view of women, and how we were supposed to act in church.

This past week we were listening to the CD series called TIES, the 5th one was taught in June of 2017. When I realized that a simple set of quotation marks made the difference between night and day in the intent of what Paul had written....WOW! I wish you could have been in the car with us when that revelation hit home in my spirit.

Never again will I be confused about GOD's view of women and how we are created. Where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is indeed freedom. AND the Truth will set you free. I can say this, as well as many other truths I have heard taught at Charis in Olathe, have set me free. Thank You."

- Pat Knepp

Praise our faithful Lord! Pastor Max had a word of wisdom during service this morning someone was being healed in the right eye - that was me! I had been suffering with severe eye pain in my RIGHT EYE for several days. My right eye was extremely red, itchy, painful, and burning - and the discomfort was not helped with eye drops, cold eye compresses, eye antihistamine drops, or allergy meds. As the word was sent out, my right eye was INSTANTLY HEALED - delivered from all redness, itching, pain, burning, and discomfort . My eye health was restored!

He is Faithful to heal every disease among His people. I am SO thankful for God's promises and love, His faithful servants, and our new church home - what an awesome FAMILY He has planted us in!!!

Colleen Pennebaker 

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